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Seven-Day Alcohol Sales In Texas Is Common Sense

By Debbie Wall

In 43 states around the nation, Americans can walk into a liquor store and purchase alcohol any day of the week. States surrounding Texas such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico have all done away with regulations prohibiting their residents from procuring spirits on Sundays.

But Texas — often considered a lodestar of freedom — is sadly an outlier as it relates to restrictions on liquor sales. As Texas is one of just seven states that prohibits liquor purchases on Sundays, many residents have started to express their…

By Sarah Anderson

Compared to the fiscal positions of many other states in the union, Wisconsin is in a good place. Democrat Gov. Tony Evers’ budget proposal, however, would falsely tell us otherwise.

As is par for the course with leftist politicians, COVID-19 is continually exploited as an excuse to push through liberal policies that have nothing to do with combatting the pandemic and often go against the very policies actually needed for our nation to recover from this pandemic. Wisconsin liberals are no exception.

Gov. Evers’ $91 billion “Bounceback Budget” is a bloated proposal that would unnecessarily damage Wisconsin’s…

By Carol Davis

Around the country, legislation is currently being considered that would cap interest rates on loans and undermine access to credit for countless Americans. While this policy sounds attractive on paper, it has been a failure when put into practice. None of these bills are quite as destructive as the Illinois Predatory Loan Prevention Act (PLPA). But unfortunately for Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker has gone against the best interest of his residents and signed the PLPA into law.

Proponents of the Predatory Loan Prevention Act claim that restricting interest rates below market level will protect working people. This…


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